These videos are part of a large 28 day visual diary. I spent some time every day creating a collage of the patterns I'd seen, emotions I'd felt, and colours that stood out to me. In my originals I had placed a piece of mirror paper, communicating how much I'd taken part in self-soothing activities during the day. This activity was incredibly comforting, especially after long days with strenuous activities. As the days went on I realised the love I was giving myself had grown, which I guessed was due to the fact that I sat and analysed my entire day before I created my visual diary. 

'Electric' Mixed media

'Electric' - this day was a whirlwind, as I was running all around my town buying baking supplies, soaking up the sun and meeting friends. I felt waves of happiness wash over me as I spent a summer day in my favourite places. I noticed multiple eyelashes fall on my face and clothes, which I took as opportunities to make many wishes (as instructed by my mother to me when I was a child, every time an eyelash falls, a wish must be made and one must blow the eyelash away.)

'Sweet Melancholy' Mixed Media 

'Sweet Melancholy'- This was a day of mixed emotions. I had planned a relaxed day with baking some cherry pies for a friend, but I ended up running to the grocery store multiple times because I kept forgetting ingredients. At some point during the day I had a meltdown on the phone with my mum, because I missed home and my pies were slightly burnt. When I sat down to create my collage, I was exhausted and wanted to finish it as quickly as possible. However a few doodles in I felt myself loosen up and calm down, and this activity ended being my favourite part of the day.

'Hands- on' Mixed Media

'Hands-on'- My day consisted of a walking tour around my city, which I was leading as part of my role in the Groningen Indian Students Association. It was a long walk in the blistering heat, with a lot of pointing at buildings or important areas of Groningen. By the end of the day I was exhausted, and all I could think about was the bricks on the side of the buildings I'd seen repeatedly. We crossed multiple canals with choppy water from peoples boats.
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