During my internship at Tulika Books, I was assigned to different departments of the publishing house. I handled social media, summer workshops and events, corporate design, and redesigning of the website. I ended my internship with illustrating and designing a couple of books, which can be viewed here

Tulika Books Website header redesign

I re-designed a few crucial pages on Tulika's website. The first was the masthead. Tulika wanted to maintain some existing elements of their brand identity, including the colour and some buttons. I incorporated those priorities into my design. The new masthead showcased Tulika’s vision for the year: The environment, with books that focus on conserving our natural resources. I chose a book that had illustrations of trees, nature and a very simple illustrative style. Using these elements and earthy colours, the final design was formed.

Birthday Gift sets and Home page buttons Website redesign

I also worked on multiple other pages, including the rest of the home page (re- designing buttons and condensing information so it looks more bite sized and fun), the rights and CSR pages, and the awards page. All these pages needed a less informative and more playful look.

Instagram Social media design

A part of my internship at Tulika Books was working closely with the marketing and social media team. My previous internships in social media marketing assisted me in making content for Tulika’s social channels. My day to day responsibilities included the weeks Instagram posts, various event posters, promotional videos and fun quizzes. Tulika Books is a children’s book publisher, so their content was targeted at parents, but we incorporated the playful element in our books to make it more fun.

Rights Catalogue and Workshop design

I also created the rights catalogue for the year of 2022, carrying the eco-theme throughout the spreads of various books. I organised and conducted the summer camp workshop, using 6 Tulika books to create fun craft activities for a group of 20 children.
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